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Product Overview

Deep Hearing detects & Identifies.


Protecting, and keeping you informed

At Deep Hearing, we are focused on revolutionizing machine listening technology.


We have applied our knowledge and expertise, as well as the latest signal processing and deep learning techniques.

How It Works


Hardware agnostic

Freedom of use.

We don’t require users to use specific hardware. It is purely software-based, achieved by extensive research.



Health & Safety


Next-generation AI for health, smart homes and safety.

Safety technology has a long way to go before it is truly perfect.


Taking Action to Protect You.

We only detect sounds and do not store any personal data.

This makes it a much better solution for privacy, as it does not violate individuals rights to privacy.


Let Deep Hearing Do the Work

Monitor, detect, analyze and inform to take action

Powerful, Vigilant and Invisible

Get Started with Deep Hearing Today

"Sound often contains important clues about the danger that cannot be detected through visual information alone. For example, screams may go unnoticed without auditory capabilities".

Healthcare, Security, Automotive & Entertainment 

AI-enabled monitoring and analytics.

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