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What We Do

Next-generation sound AI for interpreting and understanding any sound like a human

Sounds, which are prevalent in our daily lives, contain a wealth of valuable information that has largely been untapped by computers.


These sounds hold significant potential for various applications, including safety, healthcare, communication, entertainment, and machine monitoring, yet their value has often been underestimated.

Unlock the full potential of a wide range of products.

Unlock the power of sound with next-generation AI technology. Our system can understand and interpret any sound just like a human.

Enhancing consumer experiences through innovative technology

By integrating our compact AI software for sound understanding and processing into products, businesses can reap the benefits of enhanced features and the potential to generate new revenue streams.


Deep Hearing technology puts companies at the forefront of innovation in their industry.

Our Technology


Our proprietary AI technology plays a critical role in realizing the vision of enhancing products with compact auditory capabilities.


Turning any smart device with microphones into high-precision sensors.

More than sound detection

We have developed a proprietary alert system called WAID® (Warning Identification) developed for devices such as Headphones, Hearing Aids, and the Automotive sector.


Providing sound 360º instant alerts to the user. 

Giving AI the gift of hearing

Experience the world in a whole new way with next-level hearing technology

"The shazam for sounds"

Why Partner with Deep Hearing

The Science Behind Deep Hearing

As a science-driven company, our research and development is always based on the latest scientific discoveries.

Here is a brief overview of how our technology works.


"Our AI system can identify and classify sounds in the real world, similar to how the Shazam app recognizes and identifies songs".

Fast detection

Detect sounds, analyze them, and provide an alert in less than half a second. This can make a difference in specific situations of a person staying alive or not. 

Even the smallest can be smart

Our licensable, lightweight AI enables a wide range of machines to have compact auditory capabilities. It is suitable for even the most constrained devices due to its small size and low power requirement.

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